LYS (local yarn stores) Are Great!


LYS are great! I love those wonderful shops that stock unique yarns, and don't stick to the standard selection that you find in many large companies. I want LYS to use my patterns and enjoy doing so, and will happily work in with them to achieve a great working partnership. What I find annoying is … Continue reading LYS (local yarn stores) Are Great!

A Prison for Flowers Crochet Shawl

Where do flowers go when they misbehave? You will find them locked away in a prison made of diamonds. Locked away inside a Prison of Diamonds the Flowers look to each other but cannot touch. They see beyond the filet fencing (filet holes) to the garden outside. Nestled in the centre of this garden (border), … Continue reading A Prison for Flowers Crochet Shawl

Crochet It’s a Fairytale!

My kids grew up with me reading them all the old Fairytale stories. They each had their favourites. Well the older two did. The youngest took great pleasure in making me read a book about combine harvesters, tractors and potato harvesting over and over and over........................ till the very thought of potatoes made me ill. … Continue reading Crochet It’s a Fairytale!