What to Expect!

Occasional Posts relating to Crochet!

Probably posts relating to the designs I am working on.

A lot of rambling on about Crochet.

IF  you are lucky a helpful hint or two.

dearne headband 2I have been hesitant to create a blog as personally I don’t know if it is for me or not.  It is the obvious next step for someone who designs to have one, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows.   I will see how it goes and if I find anyone raining on my parade (due to this public platform), then I guess I will cut and run.  This blog is for my crochet and so for those ‘Storm clouds’ who hover in the background waiting to pounce, I say go wreakk your havoc on someone else for a change!


What you won’t find here

Perfect Grammar and Spelling.  So if you happen to be a Grammar and Spelling Freak, then move along.

To Kick things off!

The picture is of my Dearne Headband.  This is a free download available on my Ravelry Page

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