Travelling with my Magic Wand (Hook)

Trusty 5mm packed and ready for travel!

You really know that your obsession with hooking is getting a little over the top when you have to catch a flight and you purchase an extra bag to pack your crochet in. Then I find myself struggling through the airport with two huge bags, my computer and of course the bag that just has to go onboard, as it has my WIP in it, that will keep me sane during the flight.

The Flower Diamond Blanket that is in testing has to go, as all my wonderful (and patient) testers will no doubt find the odd boo, boo (don’t lie, they will probably find heaps of boo boos for me to fix) that I have made and so I need to check my stitches on that.

I have to take my Leadlight Blanket as I truly must get more done on that and it would probably sulk if I left it behind.

Then there is that project, that the idea just jumped into my head and is marinating slowly.  I did the first couple of rows of it.  That just has to come.

Then we get to the WIP that will keep me amused during the flight.  It has to be simple enough that I can focus on it with all the distractions onboard and small enough so it won’t take up a seat on its own (Lets face it, flying costs enough without having to buy an extra seat for the crochet).  This just has to be onboard with me so I can immerse myself in my crochet and pretend that I did not just sit beside yet another person with an obvious cold (or it could be bubonic plague) and that they also seem to be half in my seat.  I can forget that we just sat on the runway for 40 minutes due to, too much traffic and that the person across the aisle has a child with an obvious ear infection (well obvious to me).

Heaven forbid if something horrible happened mid flight, we could probably grab my suitcase out and tape the yarn to the plane to cushion the landing (yes I pack that much). Or I could quickly wip up a parachute using yarn, hook and anything else that I happen to have packed.  I can see the Headlines ‘WOMAN SAVES PLANE WITH JUST A HOOK AND A BALL OF YARN AND IT LOOKED GREAT TOO!’.

My crochet also gives me something to do while I wait to catch this plane.  THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE AND IS AN HOUR LATE.

Sure, I get the odd look from people who see me working away.  The odd comment like ‘Oh, look.  That lady is knitting like you do, dear.’ GGRrrrrr!

But at times you get into some great conversations with someone, who is also a crazy crochet person.

Mind you I have, had my share of issues with travelling.  Getting through security has its troubles.  The amount of times I have had to stand red faced as I was sure I had taken the scissors out of my carry on bag, only to have the scanners find them tucked in a side pocket.  Then I have to apologise and say goodbye to the offending item as it is taken. And they always seem to pick me to do that extra check on.  Maybe it is because I looked guilty (due to the scissors incident, or the fact that yarn is spilling out everywhere as the security tried to look for said scissors).

I have also had the odd crochet disaster in transit.  I will tell that tale next time I write.  Think I will call it,


The picture is my Take a Leaf Neck warmer and the pattern is available on ravelry   




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