The Tale of the Red Yarn! A crochet story.

Whenever I catch a flight anywhere, I take my WIP.

I look at the poor saps in the seat across the aisle, attempting to read the boring in-flight magazine, that is tucked into the seat pocket in front of you.  They look bored out of their brains.

But not me I have my WIP.  I wile away the time getting in a few hours on whatever project, I decided to take with me.  I can forget that the smiling toddler in the seat behind me, is setting a new record for how many times, they can kick the back of my seat.  The toddlers Mother and Grandmother are doing a stellar job of trying to keep, not only this toddler, but their tiny baby amused (maybe I should underline trying).

This day I was making simple headbands.  I had a very nice Red ball of Shepard Dk.  I don’t work with Red very often and I am not, really, all that much a fan of red, but a friend loves it beyond anything.  It is an odd day if you catch her wearing an outfit that does not have red in it.  So I was whipping up this headband in Red for her.

I was seated in an Aisle seat and as soon as my behind hit the seat, out came the crochet.  I popped the ball of yarn onto my lap and was unravelling just what I needed, as I worked.  As we took off,  I was working away, happy in my own world.

The plane was still climbing with everyone nicely strapped into their seats,  when I found, I needed more yarn off the ball.  I gave a gentle tug, hoping to unravel a bit more.  There was slight resistance and so I looked down at my lap.   The yarn was not there. This is right about when I started to have that ‘Oh, no’ feeling.

With a sense of dread, I looked down at my feet (hoping it may have just dropped and it would be sitting there). But the yarn had other ideas. It had fallen off my lap and had travelled under the seat.  I turned and followed its escape path, out from under my seat.  It had made its way  down the aisle and right to the back of the plane.

I was seated, perhaps just past mid centre of the plane.  The wayward ball was on a mission and with the angle of the plane it had  started to roll and then, just kept on going.  I had visions of it yelling ‘I’m free, I’m free, as it escaped to the back of the plane!

There at the back, centre, of the plane sat a male flight attendant, strapped in for take off. In his lap  was a fully unravelled  ball of red yarn.

I  looked at him with  horror on my face,  embarrassed beyond belief.  I mouthed the words ‘Sorry!’   He just smiled.

Several of the aisle seat passengers behind me, had huge smiles on their faces, as no doubt they had witnessed the yarn’s escape.

Once the plane had levelled out, I snuck another look at the flight attendant. He was busily  winding up my ball of yarn.  He then slowly walked back up the aisle, rewinding it as he went.

Thankfully he had  a sense of humour and found the situation to be quite funny.

I didn’t!

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