We Have Skills! Zombies Beware!

While I am not going to be getting any job offers as a I.T. Tech any time soon, my computer skills are not too bad.  And I have always been able to type quite fast.  A few years of high school typing class, is something  that seems to have come in handy in life.  Probably one of the few classes that have.  Learning how to make a banana fritter in cookery, sure never did.  I hate bananas!

BUT…. I don’t know everything!  What does that button do?  And where do you stick this piece of Code (without being rude).  Widgets, plugins and I, are not the best of friends.

I was lucky enough today, to have someone help me to tweak, some of the settings on my blog. This someone was on a first name basis, with these widgets and plugins.

I got talking to this person as I marvelled at his skills, knowing how to do things on the computer, that I wish I knew.  I think he also learnt a few things about crochet (whether he wanted to or not).  No doubt much of the information, would go into the ‘I really never needed to know that’ box, and that is okay.  I know my son’s are totally not interested in my crochet and while my husband tries to pretend he is, I am sure he could live without it.  It isn’t for everyone!  My daughter does tend to, ooh and ahh, over what I make and I chalk that up to a darn good reason for having a daughter.  While I don’t think she will be grabbing a hook any time soon, but she is supportive of my need to be a hooker.

Today I showed my computer whiz,  one of my crochet patterns and we talked about the hours it takes to write a pattern and produce a finished item that others can make.  The process of testing the written work,  to try and make sure it doesn’t have boo, boo’s in it.  Uk terms vs USA and the many things involved in the pattern writing process.  I think he may have been surprised.

I know many people look at those of us who crochet and instantly we are shoved into the  ‘Granny’ corner. (no offense to any Grannies out there).  Crochet isn’t just for Grannies.  People of all ages crochet.

Thing is, we all need to stand tall and proud.  We have skills.  We know things!

Crochet is creative.  Whether it be, by someone else’s pattern or your own grand design.  It uses math skills and techniques that take time to master.  We speak another language and we use terms  like ‘frogging’ and W.I.P.S.  Crochet is a fantastic stress reliever.  Trust me on that one, as I have a grown child, who is a professional in a very dangerous sport.  Crochet is useful!

I also stand by my theory, that if ever there is a Zombie Apocalypse and the world is falling apart, people will be begging me to make them a rug or jumper.  And did you know that I have seen people crochet with wire?  A chainmail suit has to keep those zombies teeth away.   And if that fails, a crochet hook to the head of any insistent zombie, will also come in handy.

So for those who don’t appreciate a handmade crochet item, take note.  Whoever made it, has given up many hours of their time to produce this masterpiece. So marvel at their skills and make them feel their work means something to you.

And if anyone wants a  crochet chainmail suit, any time in the future, please form a line to the left.


Image is of my Wish Upon A Star Cushion.  Find the link in my Paid Pattern section of the blog.


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