More Than a Crochet Hook!

Yes, Yes!  Crochet is my quiet place.  The calming thing in my life!  But I do, do other things.  When I am not working on my own property, helping my husband with our business or at the gym (I am a gym junkie),  I also enjoy painting and any form of art (well most forms).

Over recent months, I have taken an interest in Resin Art.  Not the type where you just pour the resin on to make pretty patterns.  I make a base for my art with air dry clay.  I then attach it to a mdf board.  The resin is then mixed with acrylic paint,  ( I have rather an expert in the family, on all things resin as hubby started working life out as a boat builder).    I love the depth that I can get working with resin.  I am slowly finding what works when starting to pour and what doesn’t.  I have also moved from using art resin to resin that is more specific, to boat construction and I find this works better and actually dries better.

I find it a little amusing, that I am now the one playing with resin.  When I met my husband he was always covered in the stuff.  I remember prior to our wedding, he was on a resin and glue ban, about a week out.  He also spent a lot of time scrubbing his hands to try and make them clean enough for the wedding.  No doubt I would have married him anyway, if he had turned up with his hands partially stuck together with resin, but he did try to get them half respectable.  So it is a little bit of a reversal.

So now when I am not tangled up in yarn, I am covered in resin.  So watch out crazy crochet, resin covered person on the loose.

Some of my resin art is for sale.  I just finished a yacht piece and it just needs framing now.   One of my favourite pieces, (which I may keep for myself) is my fish resin art.

My mind has always been a whirlwind of ideas when it comes to being creative and I just love the outlets of crochet, art and anything else that happens to jump into my mind.

I love finding that item in an opportunity or thrift shop and knowing I can repurpose it into something wonderful.  A few of my favourite things to wear, was once something else, till I attacked it.

So from time to time I may put up some of my resin art on this page.  I am just about to start my next piece and the ideas are buzzing (or rattling) around in my head.


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