Crochet Lingo!

Have you ever received strange looks from people who are not highly fluent in Crochet lingo?  I know I have.

We have our own secret language!

Words like:

De- Stashing- Parting with some of your precious, precious yarn.  For me not something I do easily.  Try and get some of my yarn, I dare you!

Frog or Frogging- Undoing or ripping out your hard done work.  Supposedly as it makes a ‘ribbit’ sound when you say it.

Hoth– Hot off the Hook

Hooker-  Me!  A proud Crocheter.

Yarn Barf-  What my yarn usually looks like when I frog something (tangled mess).  I always say I will wind as I go.  But I know it won’t happen-

Yart- Which stands for, Yarn Aquisition, road trip.  This is where you often drive a ridiculous distance to get one ball of yarn and come home with a car load.

These are just a sample of Crochet Lingo.

I often see posts online from people just starting their crochet journey, who are quite perplexed at what some of these words mean.  I can understand how Newbies could feel,  especially if you use the Urban Dictionary to try and help you out with some of these terms.  If you want a laugh I suggest you take a look at some of the meanings (according to Urban Dictionary)

A Sample of what you get on Urban Dictionary

Hoth-  The ice planet in The Empire strikes back  where the rebels  get their asses kicked by the empire.

This is The best sequel ever for any movie (so they say).

Frogging-  The act of going out on many dates to find your Prince.

That is the only one I would print on here.  The other meanings are ‘R’ rated and I certainly hope people don’t think I am doing any of them, any time soon.  Sure I may be frogging but I am not doing,  THAT!

Yart– A slang word for Marijuana. (See this is why crocheters are getting strange looks)

Hooker-  I simply refuse to type what the Urban Dictionary describes this one as.  You will have to look yourself.

I openly admit to being a Hooker!  And I am proud of it!  But I am not what is described in the Urban Dictionary.


As you can see I am easily amused!

I also enjoy teasing Siri on my phone by asking her strange questions.  Sometimes she seems to get annoyed with me.  I asked for the definition of ‘Yarn Barf’ and she got  quite snippy.  Hardly my fault she doesn’t know!

I have to say that it seems understandable that at times I get strange looks, especially if people think I am a Marijuana smoking, Hooker who is performing several acts, that do not want describing.  One of which is done in public. (According to the Urban Dictionary.  Frogging. Remember, I said to look it up).

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