Pumpkin Spice Hat.

If you have read my post ‘A Journey for a New Design’, you would know that this hat and I have history.

This hat stubbornly refused to be finished!

The pattern itself took me forever to get the stitches just how I wanted them, to get that effect of two colours.  Frogging, frogging and more frogging!

Throw in some swearing!

Running out of Yarn!  And one hat in the naughty corner, via air express!

Well I am very pleased to report that I won!

The hat is completed and now out to testing with my fabulous and long suffering testers!

At times I do wish I had been better at math in school than I am.  Calculating stitches for different sizes tends to give me a headache.  But I got there in the end (Well I believe I have.  I will have to wait on the reports from my testers to see if I am right). The hat will be available in Child, Teen and Adult sizing.

I also think (coincidently) that this is rather a well timed hat.  I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply/Aran.  One of the colours is Pumpkin Spice.  Just in time for Halloween!

I rather like this yarn as it is just as its name describes ‘Luxury’.

So to the ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Hat, I say ‘You thought you would get the better of me, but I won!’

I also have to say that if you don’t own a pom pom maker, put one on your Christmas list as these things make Pom Pom making a breeze.  One of these days I may do a ‘how to’ on using them.

Keep an eye out for the pattern coming very soon, to a ravelry, etsyLove Crochet store near you!

I won!



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