Dragonfly Blanket

My very first attempt at pattern writing (quite a few moons ago).

I really love Dragonflies!  In fact if you go by how many patterns I have with dragonflies, you could say I have a bit of a thing for them.

You kind of know it is Spring in the air when you start to see them buzzing around.

At the time I decided to make this pattern NO ONE had done a blanket with Dragonflies in boxes.  I did quite a bit of research prior to making this one, just to make sure there was not a pattern already.

I had a number of blue/white balls of King Cole Dk (available here) in my yarn stash and it was just perfect for this project.

I really did not now much about writing a pattern and was so happy with the results.  This is still one of my most downloaded patterns (even though several others quickly followed suit by doing similar blankets).

The border on this is done in what has become, a kind of signature thing with me.  You work each side individually.

I have made this baby a number of times, as it is so quick to work up.  Great for when your husband tells you, clients of his, have just had a baby and he forgot to mention it.

One day I will make it again and get better pictures.  I had no idea about trying to get decent photographs at that time and I am still learning.

This one is only in US Terms.  ( I really must translate this one day to UK.  Note to self, to add to ‘to do’ list).

This has been made in many different yarns from Dk to Aran.  Done in Dk sizing is approx 103cm x 130cm.

Pattern available on ravelry  , Etsy  and Love Crochet

3 thoughts on “Dragonfly Blanket

  1. We all love this Dragonfly Blanket. It’s great as a baby blanket, but it is equally Fantastic as a throw in adult size!! It’s a great weight for spring and fall, too! We ALL Love the filet edging too! It really sets it apart from all other blankets!

  2. If I use 4 ply yarn should I increase anything to get Afghan size measurements. Or maybe hook size

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