One W.I.P, Two W.I.P, Three W.I.P…Zombies!

I think that Crocheting is kind of addictive!

You start one project and that is good.  Then you see another and just have to start that one.  Before you know it, you have a room, cupboard, shed, house full of W.I.P.S

Designing for me is pretty much the same!  If I stop to count how many W.I.P.S I have, it would take me all day to get a proper number.

Two reasons for that.   First one is that math is not, my strongest point and second, I have way too many W.I.P.S

Don’t get me wrong.  Like many, who started school in the 60’s, I can recite my times tables by rote and I can add and subtract basic percentages, in my head.

Butttttttttt….. when you are talking about designing crochet, at times there is a ton of calculations.    If you happen to be designing something that has several sizes, then ooh, my goodness.

Starting chains for each size and you have to take into account the first stitch makes two.

Decreases and increases for each size.  Odd numbers and even number and numbers, numbers, numbers!  ARrGh!

I get there in the end.  I often find myself going between the calculator, a sheet of paper and then I resort to drawing it out, to try and make certain I have it right.  My testers at times, find that I am not right and then I have to sit in the naughty corner, for a bit.

Yesterday I was doing calculations for a new fun hat design.  My head was slowly turning to flummery.  I thought about sending out a life line, by phoning a friend.   I did message a designer friend and ask for her brain.  It’s okay, I said I wanted it in a non Zombie like way.

Yes,  back with the Zombies again!  I love shows like ‘The Walking Dead’.  So Zombies are going to creep (or stagger) into the conversation sooner or later.

At times when I am all tangled up in a Math haze, I ponder if the design is really worth it. I do have to say, I am pretty pleased with how this is turning out.   Hopefully it will be ready for the testers within the next week.

I just have a few more CALCULATIONS to do!!!

Stay Tuned for the Reveal SOOON!  Image at top of page is a sneak peek!

This is made from Stylecraft Dk Yarn.  Available on Love Crochet

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