Introducing Mallory & A ‘How To’ Cover A Head in Fabric.

Find a person, with a head and wrap it in material.  There, done!

No, not really, just kidding!


Mallory has recently signed on, to do some modelling for  Auburncraft Designs.

I carried out some extensive interviews, as I am rather particular, as to who works for me. Mallory was the  successful applicant.  Now I know that we are not meant to discriminate and I did try hard not to.  But just quietly some of the other applicants were not all that attractive (ebay has a massive amount of different heads, with different shapes).  So I took my time and waited patiently till Mallory applied for the position.

I am finding working with her a dream.  She is rather a bit on the quiet side, but she does exactly as I ask first time and is willing to work extended hours for nothing more than a warm, crochet hat, as payment.

Nothing is too much trouble.  Turn that way!  Hold still!  Stay that way for an hour or so! And I hope you don’t mind if I cover your head with Glue?

Where else could I get such dedication!

Now, if only she could do some of those pesky Math Calculations (that have been plaguing me lately) for my crochet.  I did ask her if she would, but she refused to answer!

So if you are looking for a model for your Hats, Scarves etc.  And you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one.  The ‘how to’ is below!

Mallory headmallory head 2


  • Get a Foam Head  (I bought my head on Ebay.  There were so many different shaped heads to choose from, but I liked this one.  They are only a few dollars).
  • Modge Podge.  (This is a water based glue. I think the MATTE, would possibly give a better result, but I had some Gloss on hand so mine was done in that.  Most large craft places have it, or buy online)
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Some scrap material ( I had some batik material leftover from making the Hygge Shawl Cal last year)
  • A bowl of water to dip your brush into


Step 1. Cut the material into approx 2 inch squares.

Step 2. Using your paintbrush, cover an area on the head ready to attach the material.

Step 3. Place a square of material onto the Head.

Step 4. Dip your brush into the water and damp the material slightly.

Step 5.  Add some more Modge Podge to cover the piece of material.

Continue adding pieces of material till the head is covered.  Allow to dry.

Give the Head a Name!

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