Crochet Metallic Flower


I had a wedding to attend earlier this year and I was very excited at the prospect of attending.   I wanted to (hopefully) look nice.

I am one of those people, who go and try on a dress and just cannot find anything I like. I also do not want to spend a million dollars on a dress (if I had a million dollars, I would not spend it on a dress anyway).  I have to also say that I do have my own style.  What I rather like, may not be something others would wear, but that’s okay and I will own it!

I had some ideas for a dress, swishing around in my head and so I took a trip to my local yarn store.  I walked away with a number of balls of Madame Tricot Metallic Gold yarn (full disclosure, I also grabbed a few other squishy lovelies that were calling my name.  We all know you can never have enough!).

I set to and began making my dress.  I wanted a yoke with flowers around it.  After trying several different flowers and a lot of frogging,  I finally, settled on this design.Metallic flower.jpg

The pattern for the flower is available for free on my Ravelry

Getting the yoke just right was a lot of trial and error.  In the end I was very pleased with the  result.

Once the Yoke was done, the rest was smooth sailing. I placed another row of flowers at the waist and then again near the bottom of the dress.

The day of the wedding was quite warm and my dress was just right for it.

At times, I like to enter some of my crochet into the local shows and decided to enter the dress.  I was quite pleased that it won a prize. Noosa show 4.jpg

One day I may write the pattern for the dress up.  But at this stage there is only the pattern for the flower.


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