The Yarn Stash, Swallowed My Sunshine!

I have been in the process of a new design (aren’t I always).    It started out simple enough as, a child hat pattern.  Then of course it grew.  Before I knew it I had done calculations for 5 sizes.

I got the child size made and was working on an Adult version, when I ran out (or thought I had) of Stylecraft Special DK  in Sunshine.

Getting towards that last little bit of yarn, I crossed my fingers, crochet twice as fast, made my work a little tighter, but all in vain.  I needed another ball!

I looked through the Stash.  Nope! None to be seen!

I glared at the hat.  I glared at the yarn stash, but it made no difference.  So, with huge haste and a pout on my face (which really is quite silly, as the pout won’t help and  it still takes about 10 days to get a delivery no matter how fast I order) I ordered another ball.

A couple of days passed and then I remembered.  That cushion I started and grouped the yarn for!  I am sure it had a ball of Sunshine in it!

After a small search I had Sunshine in my hand ( and the room did seem to brighten a bit on my finding it).

So I have a yarn order on the way I don’t really need (and yes, of course I added more yarn to the order than, that one ball) and I have a hat to finish.

Note to self:  I must downsize my stash, so it is manageable and I must organise my stash, so yarn cannot get eaten up by it.

Wonder if anyone else’s stash, eats their yarn?


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