The Mystery of Surface Slip Stitch!

I can do anything with a Big Ball of String, or yarn, as the case may be!

We all have our favourite or ‘go-to’ things.   I know I do.   I have several design techniques that I tend to default to, when working up a new design.
I like to work borders for Blankets, one side at a time.  I also like throwing in a bit of Surface Slip Stitch, in many of my designs.

Surface Slip Stitch can turn a simple single/double Crochet into a work of art!  A masterpiece of epic proportions!

That plain cushion cover can become interesting or fluffy (depending upon yarn choice).

It’s also a great way to use up left over balls of yarn in your stash.   It is so easy to do too!

The main photo shows my Shaggadelic Vest.  This turned out fluffy and warm, using Drops Melody  for the Surface Slip Stitch.

Also, my  Wish Upon A Star Cushion.   This uses Paint Box Simply Chunky   I just love the look.

Lastly my Dragonflies in Spring Blanket, made from dk Cotton yarn.  The Surface Slip Stitch on this just makes the pattern pop.

Three different items and three different looks.


How to Complete a Surface Slip Stitch

  • If beginning your Surface Slip Stitch at an edge, Slip Stitch to attach your yarn.  If your Surface Slip Stitch begins in the middle of your work or elsewhere, I just start right from step 2 and leave a long tail to sew in later
  • Insert hook through face of work
  • Pull up a loop from the back of work, through to front of work and through loop on hook.
  • Insert hook into next st. Repeat.


collages sslst butterfly

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