Clover Crochet Hooks and A Bit of Whirl!

I truly love my Clover Hooks.  They are easily my hook of choice.

BUT… I do have one minor gripe about them.  Why don’t they separate the colours just slightly better? I have lost count of the times I have had to frog a project, due to picking up the 3.5mm instead of the 3mm.

They are both RED! Yes, different shades of Red, but still Red. It is so annoying!

I am sure that they could mix it up a little. Put some Polka Dots on one. Or some Stripes.whirl dot

The cynic in me thinks they do it on purpose.  It’s someones idea of a cruel joke. Whoever thought the colour choices up are probably a frustrated Hooker, cackling in glee that they made me frog another project.

What I am currently working on, happens to be made from Scheepjes Whirl, in Lavenderlicious. Have you ever tried frogging that? To add to the disaster of it all, I always intend to rewind as I frog but often it doesn’t happen. Tangled Whirl is a nightmare!

As I was untangling my Whirl,  I had the thought, ‘ If I throw a Whirl, does it become a whirling, Whirl?’

Just maybe Scheepjes and Clover got together and decided to make the hook sizes most used for this yarn the same colour.  It is their evil plan for world frogging domination! How sinister is that!

But hey! My latest Design is going to be FAB-U-LOUS in my Lavenderlicious.  Two Squares done and a heap of them to go!

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