Don’t You Hate it When Snakes Stop You Crocheting!

What a day! Got home from the gym and intended to do the last two rounds of the third and final colour change on my Leadlight Blanket.  I have been working on this solid for ages trying to get this section done.  96 Bobbins on the go at once.  I could see the finish line ahead with such a small amount left to do and intended to spend the afternoon working on it.

The world had other ideas!

Got in the door and number 2 child spots a snake in the house.   Call the snake catcher, and he comes and cannot find it. $125 call out fee. About an hour later I spot the snake and so the snake catcher comes again. He still cannot find the snake.

Number 2 child goes to the loo and as he is stepping through the doorway spots Mr Snake curled up at the back of the loo. So he slams the door shut. On the phone to the snake guy again who says he is 15 minutes away.

I stand on the stairs to keep an eye on the loo door in case the snake tries to escape. About 10 minutes in Mr Snake popped his head and about a foot of his body out from under the door. So I start jumping on the stairs, as they hate the noise. He darts back inside the loo. Snake man phones to say he had to swing past another place to grab a brown snake that was in someones yard. So I spent the next 20 minutes tap dancing on the stairs till the snake guy arrived. He brought the brown snake with him for a sort of play date with my snake.  No not really that stayed in a bag, in the back of his car.

Thankfully he was able to catch our snake. Another $125 and no crochet done today! I did get some dancing in, but was pretty put out with Mr Snake for spoiling my crochet time!!!!!

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