Freeform Crochet! Where is that Pattern?

Freeform Crochet is about letting go and throwing all those rules and patterns out the window!

If you are like me,  you only ever read instructions on anything (and I mean anything), if there is no other choice.

In Freeform, there are no rules, no instructions. If I want to put that stitch there I just will.  So what, if I have 20 stitches this side and 22 on the other side. Who cares!  I did count them, but I know I didn’t need to!

I find sites that offer tutorials etc, on how to make a particular item using freeform amusing.  So you are offering me a guide, or maybe you can use the term ‘pattern’ on how to make a freeform piece?  And mine will come out the same as yours?  Sort of ruins the whole idea of it!

Sure, look up suggested ideas, such as spirals or shells done using bullion stitch, surface slip stitch. Read up on Scrumbling (which in normal speak, just means making some odd motifs and joining them together). And get the lowdown on various  techniques used.  But once you are done researching, grab your hook and some yarn and get stuck into something.  Let your imagination go wild.

Freeform offers you the chance to make something unique to you.  Each year a trend starts and pictures start popping up of the same crochet piece made over and over and over.   I know as a designer I would love to be the one who designed something that just everybody has to make.  BUT! After a while of seeing the same thing over and over I do get a little bored.  What is the answer?  Yep, FREEFORM!!!

The picture for this post, is a coat I started over a year ago.  One day I may even finish it.  It’s just a whole pile of flowers and a few spirals, stuck together in a random sort of way. The gaps are filled in with random stitches.  I love it!  It is going to be a rather thick coat when done and will sit just below the knees.

I got sidetracked along the way and so it has been shoved in the WIP box.  I promise I will finish it, one day!

Like most people who crochet or craft with yarn, I have a truck load of part balls of the stuff.  Freeform is the answer to this.


Some Pluses for Freeform:

Uses up a heap of leftover yarn.

If you made a mistake, it never happened.

You don’t have to count your stitches, as it really doesn’t matter.

If you are a beginner at crochet. You can just call your work Freeform and dare anyone to say it isn’t right.

You end up with a piece of work that is totally original to you.

If you run out of a colour of yarn, it doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to check gauge.


Time to start saving those leftovers and putting them to use. There is no right or wrong way to do Freeform! Just give it a go!





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