Frankie Drake Crochet Cloche Hat

Do you ever find yourself watching a show and getting inspired to grab your hook?   I do!

I have been binge watching Frankie Drake Mysteries of late and just loving the 1920’s fashion.  Really lovely trousers and dresses.  But oh, the hats!   I found myself in love with them.  Next thing I knew I had my hook in my hand.

I am pretty happy with the results and would like to think that Frankie would rock this hat!

The hat is out with my long-suffering testers at present and will be published in the next few weeks.

This uses a 5mm hook and an Aran or Chunky Yarn.  Whichever makes gauge.  I made this one with Lincraft Balmy.  The hat is one size only.  Circumference is 22 inches.  Larger or smaller could be achieved using a larger or smaller hook.  Or adjusting the yarn thickness.

The embellishments on the hat are made using Surface Slip Stitch and the band is done with a length of Ribbon.

Watch this space for an update when published.

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