Become a Crochet Pattern Tester

What is it all about?

Having a Pattern Tested is a huge part of the Design Process. I would like to think I am perfect, but it is certainly not the case. I make mistakes! My longsuffering testers find these and point them out. We then work together to make certain that the pattern is correct, workable and any sizing issues are sorted out.

I want my patterns to be easy to follow, and mistakes free. Those who use my patterns want the same thing.

What do Pattern Testers get out of the process?

Testers get the first look at original designs. They can take their Crochet skills to the next level. They become part of a select group on Facebook there just for the testers of my patterns. On completion they get a copy of the finished pattern to keep.

My pattern test group brings together people from all over the world. I have testers from Mexico, Alaska, Morocco, USA, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany and possibly a few other places I forget.

What is Expected of a Tester?

  • Are asked to join the Facebook group Auburncraft Crochet. Guidelines are given out and prospective testers are asked to agree to them.
  • Communication between testers and myself is very important to keep me informed during the test process, and to map the progress of the test.
  • Must know basic crochet stitches and have experience reading patterns.
  • Must be able to complete the project by the deadline asked.
  • Must add the completed project to their Ravelry account within a week of completion.
  • Must provide 2 plus quality photos (photo credit will be given) to be used in places such as social media and in final pattern listings.

Having an eye for detail is an advantage in testing. When a new design is ready for testing, I will put out the call for testers. If selected you will be given the pattern and details necessary for the testing process to begin. I try to take on board all feedback, but at times I can get conflicting feedback from testers and so if your feedback is not used, it is not a slight towards you. So in saying this, having an easy going temperament is also an advantage to a tester.

If interested, go to Auburncraft Crochet on Facebook.

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