Leadlight! Sending the Testers ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

After spending forever on the design process, the Leadlight Afghan is about to begin its journey into the testers hands.

I put out the call for testers about a week ago and had quite a few testers (people crazy enough to put their hands up), respond. I have selected/forced 6 testers through a vigorous selection process. In a kind of ‘ survivor camp’ of crochet, set of tasks to prove their worth. No, not really! They were the only ones silly/brave enough to offer to test!

The first part of the pattern will be sent out on the 28th of this month and then the fun begins. I hope for smooth sailing and happy testers! And if I only allow them out of the locked room I am keeping them in, for short breaks, I am hopeful to have the pattern successfully tested and published mid year 2019

And to my testers I strongly suggest that they use the plastic bobbins that stop the yarn from unravelling. Cos’ if you are cheap like me, and only use cardboard, the tangle factor is quite large. The final Colour Work section has 96 Bobbins in play!

Major Tangles

Keep an eye out for my Leadlight Afghan mid year 2019

The Leadlight uses Stylecraft Batik Dk and Stylecraft Special Dk.  It is comprised of simple stitches and some surface slip stitch. It has three colour work sections that require Bobbins worked in the round. This spans 62 inches and looks lovely across a Queen or King Bed.

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