Beading in Crochet. It’s Easy!

My Step Grandfather was one very tough old guy who worked on the railways for part of his life. He had a saying. To be honest he had quite a few sayings, although the one that sticks in my mind the most, probably would not go down too well if said today.

But the saying that comes to mind when I think of beading would be ‘There are many ways to skin a cat’. Sure gives a very unpleasant visual if you think about it enough, but he had a point as there are many ways to do the same thing.

Have you ever looked at Beaded Crochet with awe and thought how difficult it looks?

Well that just isn’t the case. Beading is easy!

Sure, there are many ways to approach this (like the cat) but I tend to favour using a sewing needle and thread. No, I don’t sew them on! I use the needle and thread to place the bead where I want it to go.

Here’s How: (Pictures Below)

  1. Remove hook from work.
  2. Using sewing needle and thread, insert needle through bead.
  3. Insert needle with bead through working loop.
  4. Pull enough thread through loop to then place needle back through bead.
  5. The bead will now be sitting above the loop.
  6. Gently push the bead onto the loop, while pulling on the needle.
  7. Remove needle and thread. Insert hook and continue.

This is a simple method which can be used to add beads to any project.

Photographs have been taken of my latest design coming soon.

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