How many W.I.Ps are too many?

I refuse to count how many designs I have in progress at present. Surely a girl CAN’T have too many!

I truly must finish some of them, one day, maybe!

Yesterday I saw a post where someone was asking about all things Holly Hobby. I popped up a picture of a little blanket I did ages ago. A couple of people asked about the pattern and while there is one, I never got around to completing it.

I had only been designing a short time and it got away from me, so I placed it in the ‘I must finish one day’ basket. There is really not a lot of room left in that basket. It is quite full.

The idea for the design came from a very old doily that I spotted in a Op/Thrift shop one day. I snapped a picture of it and ‘Bonnets and Bows’ was born.

Today I found myself looking at my yarn stash. I spotted some Bendigo Mill Luxury, and it occurred to me that I could re-work that blanket. Fix the few things that were bugging me. I have the yarn and it is only a smallish blanket! It shouldn’t take long!

So keep an eye out for ‘Bonnets and Bows’ soon.

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