Leadlight Afghan the Journey

The leadlight is now in the capable hands of my testers and progressing very well!

Truth is that I have them all locked in a small room with their yarn and I refuse to let them out till they complete the testing of this design. Don’t worry, I am feeding them occasionally when they work hard enough!

It is extremely exciting to see the blanket come to life in different colours. Each testers colour choices, has added a unique personal touch to their afghan, and made it their own.

The original design uses Stylecraft Batik (available here) in teals, blues, beige and just a hint of green (I grudgingly used green as I felt it needed it, but green is not often a colour I work with). With the use of Stylecraft Dk black to define the edges of each colour and give that stained glass look.

Original Leadlight Design

Kathy chose to use a very bold yellow, which gives the pattern a huge ‘wow’ factor. The overall effect will be quite stunning once the black comes into play in the final stages.

Bold Yellow

Carrie has chosen to use the Stylecraft Batik Dk (available here) in pinks and purples. I just love the soft effect this is bringing to the design. I am extremely fortunate to have Carrie on-board as a tester, as she also has the ability to Tech Edit a pattern and pick up any errors I may have made.

A vision in purple and pink

Corlia has selected Autumn tonings for her Afghan and I am excited to see how this is going to look, as it grows. Although purple is my favourite colour, I do have a soft spot for oranges and Autumn colours.

Gorgeous Autumn tones. Corlia’s picture also highlights the challenge of this project with multiple bobbins in play.

I am very impressed with all my testers on this project. Their work is so neat, especially their organisation with bobbins. I know I did have a tangled mess at times, and their ability to work in such an ordered way tends to put me to shame.

I am aiming for a June (Maybe earlier if I can force my testers to work faster) launch date for this pattern, on ravelry and Love Crochet. So stay tuned for further progress.

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