Why didn’t I use my yarn winder!

I am working on something for myself at the moment. I wasn’t going to write the pattern up, but I just could not help myself.

At this stage I am nineteen pages into the pattern and almost finished the design. I am pretty chuffed with how it is turning out, and I have found these super cute buttons to add to it. I can’t wait to finish it.

You may be thinking, what is this design? Well at this stage you will just have to wait and see as I am only showing a portion of it. It should be ready to test in the next few weeks.

But back to the issue at hand! You know how it is with a project, when you can see the finish line up ahead and are in a mad rush to finish it. You attempt to work faster, but every little thing seems to stop you.

I am using Ice Magic Light yarn in this design and from past experience I know very well that half way into a ball of yarn, it becomes a tangled mess of yarn barf.

Yarn Barf. If you see an end in there message me!

Sitting over in the corner of the room is my yarn winder. It is glaring at me and chanting ‘I told you so. Serves you right’. It probably has a point, although I do wish it would be quiet! I did know it would happen, but I just wanted to keep going. The finish line is just there!

The thing that is really, really annoying, is the ten minutes I have just spent attempting to find the end of the yarn. I know, and you know, that there are two ends in there. But where are they? Have I somehow ended up with an endless part ball of yarn, with no start and finish? Is the yarn taunting me and trying to mess with my mind by hiding its ends?

So here I am with my tangled mess. I could still be here in a months time attempting to find the ends. I will probably be found sitting on the floor, completely tangled in my yarn and muttering ‘there are no ends’ over and over.

Maybe I should just hire a Detective to find these camouflaged ends and save myself the torment . And can someone please tell the yarn winder in the corner to Shut Up!

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