Sunburst Crochet Square

This is a little square I designed a while ago. I have had visions of doing something more with it and a modified version of it is in the works (don’t hold your breath though as I have a million WIPS on the go).

You can get a printable version here on Ravelry and Love Crochet.

Sunburst Square

Auburncraft Design

USA Terms


3mm hook

Bendigo Mill 4 Ply Cotton in Latte 887

Finished Size:

6 ¼ “/ 15.5cm


Ch-Chain stitch

Hdc- Half double crochet

Tr – Treble Crochet

Slst- Slip Stitch

Dc-Double crochet

Sp- Space

Sc- Single crochet

Dc4tog cluster- Double Crochet 4 together to form Cluster

Tr4tog cluster – Treble Crochet 4 together to form Cluster.

Tog- Together

RS- Right side

PS- popcorn stitch


Chains count as a stitch unless otherwise stated.

Popcorn Stitch How To:

  1. Work 5 double crochet (dc) stitches in the same stitch.
  2.  Remove Hook
  3. Insert hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first double crochet of the group.
  4. Pick up the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.

Form a magic circle, or ch 6, sl st to form a ring.

Round 1. Ch 4 as first tr, 23 tr into ring, sl st to top of beginning ch4 to close (24 tr).

Round 2. (Ch3, to form first st of PS) PS into same st. *Ch2, sk1 tr, PS into next st.* Ch2, slst to top of first PS. (12Ps, 12, ch2 sp’s)

Round 3. Slst to the middle st (top) of next PS, ch4 (counts as sc plus 3 chs) * Slst into space between PS in Round 1, ch3, sc to the top/middle of next PS.* Rep from * to * around. (12sc, 24 ch3’s)

Round 4. Ch1 in place of sc. *Ch4, sc into next sc* Rep from * to * around. On the last ch4, slst to the starting sc. (12sc, 12 ch4 spaces)

Round 5. Slst into next chsp.  Ch1 which counts as a sc, hdc, dc, tr2, dc, hdc, sc into ch4 sp.  *Sc, hdc, dc, tr2, dc, hdc, sc into ch4 sp.* Rep from * to * around. Close with slst to starting ch1. Fasten off (12 Petals)

Round 6. Slst to between the two trebles, ch1 (counts as sc). *Ch6, sc in between next two tr’s. * Rep from * to * around omitting last sc and close with a slst to beginning ch. (12sc, 12 ch6 sp’s)

Round 7. Slst into next chsp, ch1 (counts as a sc) sc6 into same chsp.  Sc7 in each chsp around. Slst to close.  (12 groups of 7sc).

Round 8. Slst along to 3rd sc of the next 7sc group. Ch1 (counts as a sc). *Sc1 Hdc2.  Tr in between the two tr of rd5. Ch2, tr into same sp between the trebles of rd5, sk2 st’s on working row, hdc2, sc2, ch7, sk5, sc into next st, ch7, sk5, sc1. * Rep from * to * around four times in total. Slst to starting sc. Fasten off.

Round 9. Slst along to next Ch2 Sp.  (Ch4, Tr3tog, ch4, tr4tog, ch4, tr4 tog).  *Ch4, sk next 4 st’s, sc into ch, ch4, Dc4tog into same ch sp as ch4, ch1, Sk next sc, dc4tog into next chsp, ch4, sc into same chsp as dc4tog, ch4. ^(Tr4tog, ch4, tr4tog, ch4, tr4tog)^* Rep from * to * 3 times in total.  Rep from ^ to ^ once. Close with slst to top of ch4.  (4 groups of tr4 together with ch4 between, 4 groups of dc4tog with ch1 in between, 8 sc with ch4 each side)

Round 10. Slst across to the top of the middle tr4tog in any corner. * (Sc, ch10, sc into same sp).  Ch6, sk next ch4 sp and tr4 cluster. (Sc into next chsp, ch4, sc) into the same chsp.  Ch4, sc into next chsp, ch1. (Sc, ch4, sc) in between the dc4tog clusters. Ch1, sc into next chsp. Ch4. (sc, ch4, sc) into next chsp. Ch6, ^ sk next tr4tog cluster and ch4 sp.  * Rep from * to * four times in total.   Close with slst to sc in top of tr4tog cluster.   Sew in any ends.  Block

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