Crochet/Knitting Rivalry! A tongue in cheek look!

I have moved over to the dark side and started knitting. Nah! Just kidding! Why would I want to do that? I am just helping my mother out.

My mother wants to knit baby hats to donate to a local hospital, and she has been having trouble getting started. She used to knit a lot when younger but hasn’t for a very long time. So I cast on and did the first row to get her started. Mind you I had to think for a minute. It had been a while!

James C Brett Aran

I used to knit a lot an aeon ago, and I would have to say I was okay at it. Fair isle, cables, blackberry stitch, you name it. But then I picked up a crochet hook and found it was my thing.

Don’t get me wrong I love knitted items and some of the pieces produced are incredible. I just find crochet makes me happy. Don’t know if I can say the same about knitting.

It got me thinking about Knitting vs Crochet and the rivalry that seems to be surrounding it. For those in Australia it is a bit like the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney. Neither considers the other as good. Get the two groups together, and you have a lot of banter going on!

If you listen to the whispers in forums and social media, many of those who crochet are of the opinion that knitters think they are better. The word ‘Snob’ has been mentioned a lot. Now don’t shoot the messenger as I don’t personally think this but who knows!

Then there are the stories that you hear online of the lady who went to buy yarn for her next crochet project and had the salesperson attempt to convert her to knitting. In the salespersons eyes knitting was superior. The avid crocheter has vowed never to go back to that yarn store again. Can’t say I blame her!

Or the comments ‘Oh, you crochet’. Delivered with the look. Yes, that one, that speaks volumes!

Crocheters are mostly a pretty easy going lot but some things do get their hackles up.

Below are a few things that Crocheters really hate and are sure to get them riled up:

  • Yarn with a centre pull that refuses to pull.
  • Knots in the middle of a skein.
  • Patterns that are wrong.
  • Frogging hours of work.
  • Being called an old person or granny cos you

But at the very top of that list in very BOLD letters, is:

  • Having someone, anyone, refer to their crochet as knitting. ARrrgh!

So if you are interested in having a crochet hook embedded somewhere on your body, call their crochet, knitting.

If you ask a knitter if they think crochet is less, of course, they won’t say so to your face (unless they foolishly want that embedded hook). But we all know that underlying tension is there.

Many of the shows for entering your handcrafts have larger sections for knitting (at least in my Country). The prizes are better for winning the knitting, and it just goes on!

I have visions whirling around in my head of the rivalry between the two. Imagine a yarn conference set in a huge hall. The knitters are all huddled on the right and the crocheters to the left. Both sides are scowling at the other. And there in the middle are those who choose to do both. They are not sure where they want or should sit. Should they admit to crocheting as well as knitting and if they do, will they be stoned by both sides. There is a name for them if you listen to the whispers:

‘Bistitchual’. Which is defined in the Urban Dictionary as:

The ability to create stitches in two crafts, e.g. knitting and crocheting.

I guess I am Bistitchual as I can do both. I am also Bicraftual as I paint, do resin art and pretty much any other craft that takes my fancy.

But really what does it matter, as long as we are creating and enjoying craft in some form or other. And when that Zombie Apocalypse (yes I am back on that again) eventually happens, both Knitters and Crocheters will be raised above many others. We have the skills necessary!

And if you want to go and buy that squishy ball of pretty yarn just to look at it, then all good. That is a hobby in itself. Just collecting the yarn.

Remember tongue in cheek! Some of my good friends are knitters.

I won’t sit with them at yarn conferences but hey they won’t sit with me either! Maybe we will pretend we don’t know each other!

2 thoughts on “Crochet/Knitting Rivalry! A tongue in cheek look!

  1. I learned to knit when I was 10, Barbie clothes. When I was 20, my best friend and I taught ourselves how to crochet – Wow!! For me crochet is just easier – less stitches on the hook. In knitting, I never learned how to pick up dropped stitches, so there was a lot of ripping out and starting over – frustrating, not relaxing.

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