Mended Fences Crochet Shawl

Put your hand up if you think Solomons/Lovers knot looks scary!

Yeah, I bet you considered putting your hand up. Most people do look at the stitch and think that it must be really difficult. It isn’t!

I thoroughly enjoyed designing this little shawl. It is comprised of a simple two row repeat. Testers with all levels of ability have made this, with success.

I used Alize Angora Gold for mine, but my testers used various yarns. Light fingering works best and Lion Brand Shawl in a ball works up beautifully.

Amanda Corniello’s Mended Fences made using Lion Brand Shawl in a ball

The shawl is worked on a 5mm/H hook and is a simple rectangle shape. It works up quickly, and would be beautiful addition to wear for any special occasion, lightly draped across your shoulders.

The pattern is available in my Auburncraft store on Ravelry.

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2 thoughts on “Mended Fences Crochet Shawl

  1. i crochet to manage anxiety. I learned at age 10, and at that time i was struggling with depression of parents divorce. I ‘ve done Dragonfly for a baby, and I’m working on my 3rd in adult size. I’m using a Caron Simply Soft Yarn which is lightweight, soft and supple. I get plenty of compliments on this blanket!!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the dragonfly. I love dragonflies and flowers. I also love the colour purple!

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