When you forget to pack your crochet and life happens!

Most people have probably seen the ads for the American Express card in which the motto is, ‘Don’t leave home without it’.

Yes, a few of you are nodding as you know the ads I mean!

Well for us die-hard crochet maniacs, while a credit card is a very important thing to have on hand, say for if you need to duck into a yarn store or two. Michaels could be having a flash sale and then that card will be your best friend…………but I think for most of us, the top of the list of what to take on leaving home, would be an emergency crochet WIP.

You know how it is! You are going about your day and the unexpected happens and you get stuck somewhere. I had one of those days this morning.

I was leaving the gym after a rather strenuous pump class and got to my car, my car must have been in a rather selfish mood as it had a flat tyre. Surely it knew I was actually a bit tired and would rather not have this delay. I did plead with it to not have a flat tyre, but it was refusing to listen. As I stated, SELFISH!

I looked at the tyre and thought about it for a bit. My dad ensured that I knew how to change a tyre and I am pretty darn good at it. Mind you I have told my long-suffering husband that we really need a better jack than what is in the car. It takes longer to get the car up on the jack, than it does to change the tyre. So with this in mind I considered just how much air was left in this tyre, how tired I was, and I made the sensible decision to drive the 200 metres to the tyre shop down the road.

Now they were great and got stuck into changing that tyre right away. But as I sat there, waiting I was also kicking myself. This was prime crochet time. Sitting there, hands idle, nothing to do. I had left all approximately 30 WIPS at home.

I thought about the Girl Guides we have in Australia (for anyone in the USA this is sort of like a Scout) and their Motto “Be Prepared”. Well I was not! I guess I can excuse my lack of preparedness due to the fact that I was never a Girl Guide, although I was a Brownie, which is sort of an understudy to Girl Guides. Once initiated into this group you get put into a sub group, some of which were Pixies, Elfs, Leprechauns and I forget what else. As an added incentive to becoming a Brownie you get to wear a hideous poo brown pinafore. I wanted to be a Pixie, but of all the sections to be put in, I got Leprechaun. No wonder I hate green!

Well being a Brownie was obviously a waste of time. Don’t think I paid a lot of attention to the Brownie code at all as none of it helped me today. I was not prepared!!

So lesson learnt. I won’t make that mistake again! What a boring 15 MINUTES that was! Imagine how many rows I could have done in that time!

Time to pack the car with an emergency WIP!


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