Filigree Flowers Crochet Shawl

If you are looking for a delicate, lightweight shawl then look no further!

The pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy and Love Crochet (HERE).

Filigree Flowers in Alize Angora gold Simli

Filigree Flowers is a delicate shawl comprised of simple shells for the border and for the main body of the shawl, Solomons/Lovers Knots.

Nestled in between the knots are 4 petal flowers. These are constructed of chains all grouped together. Photo tutorials show how to create these delicate flowers.

If you are looking at this shawl and thinking ‘Oh, I can’t do that stitch, it looks too difficult,’ then you would be wrong!

Lovers/Solomons knot may look a difficult stitch, but it is in fact a simple stitch and works up quickly. Combined together with a shell border and simple flowers the result is quite satisfying.

This is a written pattern in Uk and USA terms, with pictures and graphs to help along the way.

The pattern is a four row repeat and best results are achieved with a light fingering weight yarn. I used Alize Angora Gold Simli for mine.

Success has been achieved with this pattern in several other yarns including Lion Brand Shawl in a ball (available here), Lion Brand Summer Nights and Lion Brand Shawl in a cake (available here).

I love both yarns and while the shawl looks great in the Alize, this is often a little harder to source than the Lion Brand yarn.

I am extremely fortunate to have some fabulous testers and they produced some really lovely shawls.

As for the naming of this shawl….Yes! most of us know what the word Filigree means, but for me it is a little more. I had a gorgeous pure bred Appaloosa Horse with the name Filigree. Her full name was TTT Bar Filigree. I lost her at the age of 23 due to Cushings disease.

She was a character, and was known to push our shed roller door up with her nose, to get at the feed barrels inside.

My husband often had his lunch stolen by her. If he left his esky in the back of his ute and she happened to be in the yard, she would get the lid off with her nose and take his sandwiches.

The birdseed in the bird feeder was a favourite snack of hers, when she was not eating the heads off my dahlia flowers. My kids loved her, and would stop to pat her when they walked down our drive after school! She had a delicate white pattern over her rump and so I named this delicate shawl after her.

Some of my testers shawls. 1. Kim Carlos. 2. Natishia M Curry. 3. Kathy Mant. They all came out beautiful.

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