Clematis Crochet Shawl Pattern

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I have a few favourite things in life!

Flowers! I love flowers! Many of the things I crochet incorporate flowers in them as flowers make me happy! The Clematis flower is supposed to be part of the Buttercup family and if this is so, then it must be the cool Aunt, due to its beautiful colours (usually purples, pinks and creams).

Clematis Flower!

I love Purple! Purple makes me happy!

Chances are if I am looking at yarn, my hands will automatically be drawn to the purples. I have always had a love of purple. When I got my own bedroom as a child, my father was silly enough to ask me what colours I wanted in my room. While he didn’t let me paint the walls purple, I did get purple curtains and a purple chest of drawers.

So while shopping for some unnecessary yarn (haven’t we all been there?), I spotted the Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake (which also comes in a ball). They had a few different colours on offer but of course that Mindful Mauve was just calling to me.

The result is the Clematis Shawl. Pattern available on Ravelry, Love Crochet and Etsy.

Made from Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake. Mindful Mauve.

My long suffering pattern testers were outstanding during the test process. They produced some really beautiful shawls, each with their own individual yarn choices and colours.

Top left: Shawl by Nikki Barker made from Cascade Sateen.
Top Centre: Shawl by Simone Howes made from Stenli Candy.
Top Right: Shawl by Amy Elizabeth Peterson made from Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, Community Coral.
Bottom Left: Shawl by Opal Pickard made from Lion Brand Mandala in Gnome.
Bottom Right: Shawl by Shaunna Hallon made from Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake.

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