Help! I’m addicted to W.I.P.S and Yarn!

If you were to fill a room with serious Knitters and Crocheters and ask those who do not have a HUGE stash to step forward, what do you think the outcome would be?

Sure there may be one, or two who step forward as their stash is small and controlled. But maybe they have only just stepped into the dark side of Crocheting/Knitting and are yet to succumb to the lure of those soft, squishy skeins of beauty!!!

The rest of the room would be either trying to avert their gaze, as they know they have more yarn than they can ever possibly use in one lifetime Or they would be standing tall and defiant as it’s their yarn, and the world can go suck a big one if they think they are going to change their ways!

I have too much yarn. I do know this. But then how much is too much? Like really!! I have sorted through my skeins of beauty and considered downsizing. I even got rid of a few balls of really cheap acrylic that I was never going to use. It went to someone who does crochet for charity.

But as for the rest, I need them!! What happens if an idea jumps into my head, and I have to wait weeks for an order to arrive? That would just never do!

W.I.P.S, I have them everywhere. I really don’t make things from other peoples patterns now. I have way too many ideas careering around in my head to even think about doing other peoples patterns.

If I am being honest I would have over 20 W.I.P.S at least. I do a bit, move on to another one and repeat. Sooner or later I finish most of them, but not always. There is that Ruana that I started well over a year ago, and I am just not feeling it any more.

I am very proud of myself at the moment though! I had an idea leap into my head yesterday and I was itching to place an order for some really lovely yarn I saw. It looks so NICE! It wanted me to buy it!!! I was so close to pressing that order BUTTON. It was begging me to press it!

Go on, you know you want to.

I looked at my stash and pondered it for a bit. Then I remember all that Stylecraft Batik Dk (here), that I had left over from my own Leadlight Afghan (here) and also from many years back where I made Sue Pinners beautiful Carousel Blanket. I had some lovely purples (my favourite) left from that one. This would work! It would look wonderful with what I had in mind. I dragged my hand away from that nasy order button. It was of course still begging me to press it. The order button did not get pressed, and I am using up my stash. Someone please give me a medal or two!!

Leadlight Afghan Made from Stylecraft Batik Dk.

What a superior feeling! I dug through my stash and found all those bits and pieces of Stylecraft Batik (which turned out to be quite a bit). I am just loving the colours and this is going to be really lovely. The stitches will be easy and very beginner friendly. It is the colours that will make this special. Excitement Plus!!!

Sneaky Peek of ‘Just a Little Bit Batik Shawl’.

So stay tuned for my ‘Just a Little Bit Batik Shawl’. Pattern coming soon!!! (That is if I don’t decided to start another W.I.P. or even finish something I started ages ago, I really should do that). I can also feel a vest or jacket in this same style is going to be in order.

I may even gift this shawl to a very special relative of mine who loves to follow my crochet with EXTREME interest. I am sure they will love it!!!

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