Vintage Clematis Shawl

Pattern just released this week. This is a simplified version of my Clematis Shawl. The flowers appear at the edge only. The pattern is available on Love Crochet, Ravelry and Etsy.

*Ravelry Discount . For two weeks only (till 26th Aug 19) buy both the Clematis Shawl and the Vintage Clematis Shawl using the code ‘Clematis’ and get both for $6. *

Vintage Clematis Shawl made from Vintage Cleckheaton Fleur 8Ply

This was made from Vintage Cleckheaton Fleur, found in a local Opportunity/Thrift Store. It was just begging to come home with me, and so I granted its wish! I enjoy finding treasures (like this yarn)in these shops. When you spot a find like this, it kind of makes you want to do an arm pump in the middle of the store and yell, ‘Yes, score!’ Maybe I did do that or maybe I didn’t, you just had to be there!!!

Kelly Thompson Shoemaker’s test shawl. Bernat Baby Sport yarn used.

My testers did a steller job of testing this. One of my testers used Lion Brand Pound of Love (available here). Another chose Bernat Baby Sport (available here) and an adjusted hook size.

I love anything refurbished. There is nothing like taking something that has been discarded and turning it into something useful.

I have quite a habit of improvising, instead of spending money on items or tools for a specific job, it is much more satisfying to use an everyday item you have on hand and adapt it.

One of the items I repurposed is a broken mini fridge. My delivery man was getting a bit snippy as the letterbox was too small for the many parcels (most likely yarn) that were arriving. So hubby and I went to the re-cycling centre attached to the local tip. We found this mini fridge and so home it came. I spent a few dollars on paints and set about turning it into a unique parcel container.

Fridge refurbished into a parcel fridge.

I think my delivery guy was quite impressed, and now has tons of room to shove all those parcels of yarn arriving at my place.

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