Not an Original Idea in Their Heads!!!

I was sent a screenshot recently by a designer friend. It was of a post in a Facebook Crochet Group. The person who posted this was basically looking for affirmation, and for people to say that her actions are okay.

What had this person done? They had seen a lovely crochet item, painstakingly designed by someone with creativity. The designer had gone to the bother of publishing this works and taking some fabulous photos of the design to promote it. It is a slow process from idea to pattern, filled with testing calls and hours of editing, photography, along with producing the item itself.

Along comes the person who posted the question and sees this incredible work. They want one. They enlarge the photo and lo and behold they can see each and every stitch. Did they buy this pattern from this creative designer? Nope!! They decided that they could reproduce it from the stitches in the picture and did so. Now they want others to tell them , sure it’s okay, you go ahead and do this.

The majority of comments on this question posed, were others claiming loudly that, sure it’s okay, everyone does it. Why would you bother to buy the pattern? Many people congratulated the person for having the ability to copy a designers work, claiming that if they are of a standard to be able to copy then it is more than fine for them to do so. The catch phrase of ‘Everyone Does it’ was ringing loudly.

One person exclaimed that if a designer is silly enough to publish a pattern that an intermediate crocheter could copy then it is their own fault, and why would they bother to publish an easy pattern anyway? This person also exclaimed that they just use the pictures to inspire them and anyway, the finished item won’t be exact stitch for stitch, so therefore its really alright to do it.

Several designers and group members tried to explain just how morally wrong it is to do what was done, but most of those posting really didn’t care!!!

Who cares that patterns have to go through the ideas stage, on to the make stage, then the test stage and finally publishing? Who cares that a design can be months in the making and producing? Hey, if you can just copy it and steal someones idea, then why bother to pay a couple of dollars for the pattern?

I know where I stand on this!!!

Just because you can copy a designers work does not mean it is right!

So if you are thinking about making one of my designs by enlarging a promotion photo of it, and reproducing it that way, please think again. It is wrong!!!! If you want to wing something, then by all means do so and don’t cheat by stealing someone elses intellectual property.

And I applaude those few who stood tall and told the many that they support designers and their work. Thank you to them!!!

This is my opinion and if you don’t like it please move along!!! Or enjoy the read, it’s all RELATIVE!!!!

The main photo on this post is of my wonderful testers completed Fishing for Luck Shawls. The work they do is very much appreciated.

For a link to the pattern on Ravelry (CLICK HERE)

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