Only One Woof Cushion.

Some days are good days and then you have the great days where your design is ready to be published! Today is one of those days!!!

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Only One Woof Cushion

If you have a ton of Chenille yarn (or you can use other yarn) hanging about, left over from making pumpkins or scrunchies, then you will love this pattern.

This is an Easy level project with basic stitches. Finishing touches require Surface Slip Stitch and the edging is done with Crab Stitch.

Why the name?

The name for this cushion comes from the Children’s book by James Herriot that I used to read to my kids. It is the story of a dog who never barks. He is separated from his puppy playmate. One day they are reunited, and he gives just one bark, the only bark he ever makes.

I first made this cushion for my mother quite a few years back, and at the time I did not bother to write it up. Mum still has it on her bed. I thought it time I got around to making another one and this time writing it up.

The pattern comes with separate copies for Uk terms and USA terms. It has many photos to help along the way.

A different colourway. Made using Green with purple trim.

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