Winter Snowflake Keyhole Head Warmer Crochet Pattern.

Winter Snowflake Keyhole Head Warmer.

I few weeks ago when I started making keyhole head warmers, I had no idea that I would end up doing 5 different stitch designs. It just sort of happened.! I’d finish one and then there would be another stitch idea in my head that was clammering to get out.

This is the final in the series of five and I have to say I rather like this one.

Winter Snowflake Keyhole Head Warmer uses many of the design features of the other Head Warmers in the series, but its main body is done in Waistcoat Stitch. This give a fabulous basis for the Cross-stitch snowflake pattern that is worked on it.

Easy Level

The pattern is available on Ravelry (click here). You have the option of purchasing all five of the series at a discounted price if you wish. Add all five to your basket and use the code ‘five’.
Five patterns included in this.
Autumn Snowflake Keyhole Head Warmer
Not for Summer Keyhole Head Warmer
Spring Arrows Keyhole Head Warmer
Winter Snowflake Keyhole Head Warmer
Winter Sunset Keyhole Head Warmer.

and Etsy (click here).

Series of Five: All pattern available on my ravelry store Auburncraft Crochet.
Centre Top: Winter Snowflake Keyhole Head Warmer
Left Top: Winter Sunset Keyhole Head Warmer
Left Bottom: Spring Arrows Keyhole Head Warmer
Right: Autumn Snowdrops Keyhole Head Warmer
Bottom: Not For Summer Keyhole Head Warmer

This pattern can worked in varying yarns due to its nature. Size is determined by the length of the head band and the amount of rows worked. While size can be adjusted easily for the circumference of the head and height can be adjusted by omiting rounds, due to the snowflake pattern this head warmer is best suited to teen or adult sizing.

Two contrasting yarns are used to gain maximum impact with the cross stitch that is worked over the Waistcoat Stitch to form the Snowflakes

It is assumed that you have prior knowledge of cross stitch. A small graph is included with the Snowflake pattern, instructions for stitch placement are included.

C1=1 x Lion Brand A Touch of Alpaca Purple Aster. Available here (click). Approx 70m/76yd used.
C2= 1 x Lion Brand A Touch of Alpaca Cream. Available here (click). 150m/164yd used.
Tapestry Needle
1 x 40mm/1.5-inch Button
Stitch Markers.

Lion Brand A Touch of Alpaca. Links to yarn available in the Materials section.

As usual with my patterns, getting them through the test process is always a process. This could not be achieved without the input and work done by my pattern testers. Below are a few examples of their work.

Top Left: Test Head Warmer by Michelle Rose. Made using Caron Simply soft
Bottom: Test Head Warmer by Mirjam Annaars. Made using Zeeman Royal in Vintage Pink and Cream.
Right: Test Head Warmer by Cindy Cary. Made using Caron Simply soft.

Caron Simply Soft is available here (click here).

Now to the boring stuff!

This pattern contains affiliate links.

This pattern has been tested by a large group with varying abilities in crochet.

You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the designer and add a link to purchase my pattern in your sale.

Many hours of work has gone into the designing and producing of this pattern.

You are purchasing/downloading this pattern for personal use only. Please note my patterns and my images are copyright protected, please do not use my images to sell your items. No pattern or photograph may be reproduced or distributed — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying, without written permission of Auburncraft Design. Please do not copy, rewrite, or redistribute this pattern as your own or otherwise. Just because you can copy does not mean you should. Please do not resell my patterns.

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