The Dragonfly Patch Crochet Blanket

The Dragonfly Patch Crochet Blanket

What could be better than a patch of dragonflies? I love dragonflies and am always looking at new ways to incorporate them into my designs.

I really have a thing for Dragonflies! I love days where you see them! A buzz of wings and they are gone on their way, about their day! You can try to chase them but they are not going to be caught!

I have to say I am pretty pleased with the end result of this design. The motif squares measure roughtly 25.4cm/10 inches (depending upon hook, yarn choice and tension).

The sky is the limit for how large you want this beauty to be, as it can easily be made larger with more motif squares added.

I used Bendigo Woollen Mill 8ply Cotton for this. The BWM cotton is a super soft yarn which is lovely to work with. Many different yarns could be used as a substitute.

The pattern can be found on Ravelry (Click Here), Etsy (Click Here) and on Lovecrafts (Click Here). I also have a pattern giveaway happening on my Facebook group, Two Redheads Crochet (Click here).

3.5mm hook
C1=1 x Bendigo Woollen Mill 8ply/Dk Cotton in Daffodil 485m/530yd per ball. Approx 400m/437yd used.
C2=1 x Bendigo Woollen Mill 8ply/Dk Cotton in Honeydew 485m/530yd per ball. Approx 400m/437yd used.
C3=1 x Bendigo Woollen Mill 8ply/Dk Cotton in Kiwi 485m/530yd per ball. Approx 400m/437yd used.
C4=2 x Bendigo Woollen Mill 8ply/Dk Cotton in Parchment 485m/530yd per ball. Approx -650m/710yd used.
Tapestry Needle

The pattern comes with separate copies for Uk terms and USA terms. It has many photos to help along the way.

Pattern testing is a huge part of getting a design ready to publish. I am lucky enough to have some really incredible people who test for me. They have amazing patience and tolerance to my errors, or what I like to refer to as my boo, boos. Below is a few examples of their work.

Test Blanket: Made by Cindy Cary using Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply Cotton in Daffodil, Pink Rose, Artic and Teal.
Test Blanket by Debbie Schell Kirkland, made using Bernat Baby Sport in Lavender and Cream.

left: Test Blanket by Kathy Mant.  Made using Bendigo Woollen Mill 8 ply cotton in Artic, Daffodil, Cream and Pine Lime.
Centre: Test Blanket by Lindsay Broussard Silvestrini. Made using Caron Simply Soft.

Right: Test Blanket by Elika Rivera. Made using Red Heart with Love in Grape Jam, Boysenberry, Lilac and White.

Test Blanket by Michelle Westwood.  Made using Paintbox Simply Dk and a 4mm hook

Yarn Suppliers:

Bendigo Woollen Mill 8 ply Cotton. This was used in the main design and by two of the testers, (click here).

Caron Simply Soft. This was used by one tester, (click here)

Red Heart With Love. This was used by one tester, (search google for closest supplier).

Bernat Baby Sport. This was used by one tester, (click here).

Paintbox Simpy Dk. This was used by one tester, (click here).

Now to the boring stuff! You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the designer and add a link to purchase my pattern in your sale.

Many hours of work has gone into the designing and producing of this pattern.

You are purchasing/downloading this pattern for personal use only. Please note my patterns and my images are copyright protected, please do not use my images to sell your items. No pattern or photograph may be reproduced or distributed — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying, without written permission of Auburncraft Design. Please do not copy, rewrite, or redistribute this pattern as your own or otherwise. Just because you can copy does not mean you should. Please do not resell my patterns.

There will be a giveaway of one copy of the pattern in the next few weeks in my crochet group Two Redheads crochet on Facebook (click here).

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