Bouquet for Bethany Blanket

Sometimes a pattern design comes out better than you could have ever imagined. this is one of those times!

Bouquet for Bethany Blanket uses the same concept as my Flight of the Dragonflies Blanket, but has the gorgeous stemmed flowers as a feature. It is worked in the round with the pattern being in written form, with added graphs and photographs.

Bouquet for Bethany in Scheepjes Whirl, Cotton Candy and Whirlette in Grapefruit

The pattern can be found on Ravelry (click here), Etsy (click here) and Lovecrafts.

Please give it some love and favourite or write a comment.The blanket is available in two different version (purchase which suits your needs). This version was made from Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette as I showcase it with a slow colour change yarn. It can look just as fabulous using yarns such as Hobbii Twister or Lola, anything with that lovely graded colour change.

Bouquet for Bethany in Scheepjes Whirl, Cotton Candy and Whirlette in Grapefruit

My hard working pattern testers did a incredible job as usual. They have spent the last 5 weeks pouring over the pattern and finding what I like to call my Boo, Boo’s! They produced some incredible blankets, all with their own originality due to colour and yarn choice. Some of their work is featured below:

Test Blanket by Carrie Skach. Made using Scheepjes Whirl in Watermelon Hellraiser and Scheepjes Whirlette in Licorice.
Test Blanket by Simone Howes. Made from Scheepjes Whirl in Licorice Yum Yum and Scheepjes Whirlette in Ice.
Test Blanket by Michelle Rose. Made from Nako Angora Luks Color 81909


3.5mm hook

Colour 1-1x Scheepjes Whirl in Cotton Candy 1000m/1093yd

Colour 2-3x Scheepjes Whirlette in Grapefruit. 455m/497yd per ball.  Approx 1110m/1213yd of Whirlette used

Also available is Vintage Bouquet for Bethany. This is made from quality Bendigo Woollen Mill Cotton and has an embroidery feature in the border. Follow this link (click here) to read about the Vintage Version.

Now to the boring stuff! You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the designer and add a link to purchase my pattern in your sale.

Many hours of work has gone into the designing and producing of this pattern.

You are purchasing/downloading this pattern for personal use only. Please note my patterns and my images are copyright protected, please do not use my images to sell your items. No pattern or photograph may be reproduced or distributed — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying, without written permission of Auburncraft Design. Please do not copy, rewrite, or redistribute this pattern as your own or otherwise. Just because you can copy does not mean you should. Please do not resell my patterns.

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