Pixies and Leprechauns stole my Crochet Hook!

I have a habit of misplacing things!

In reality I don’t actually think that I misplace them; I am pretty sure that I have Leprechauns and Pixies that live in my house.

Maybe I could entice the little things with a pot of gold. If only I had one.

Note to self: Ask my Irish designer friend and partner in crime if she knows how to trap a Leprecaun!

These little creatures wait till I am asleep and steal the things they know very well I am going to want to use the next day. My fabric tape measure was missing for several weeks. I eventually found they had returned it and shoved it down the side of the couch. Very Sneaky!

I love my Clover Armour Hooks, but I only have one in a few sizes. My 6mm is gone. No doubt the Pixies found the shiny hook too much to pass up! They don’t realise the imposition that they are putting me too. I have had to resort to using a cheap Aluminium hook for my latest design. It is equivalent to entering a Formula One race, while driving a Mazda 3, or attempting Brain Surgery with a Chisel.

Clover Armour

The Clover Hooks glide nicely through the yarn seemingly with no or little effort. I feel like I am wielding a Jack Hammer having to use an inferior hook.

I bet those horrid Pixies and Leprechauns will wait till I have finished this design and then my Clover Hook will appear. I can just imagine their laughter having caused the chaos they wanted.

So if you happen to know how to trap a Pixie or a Leprechaun please let me know and if you speak to one, please ask them to return my 6mm hook.

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