6 (un)Helpful Crochet Hints That Could Save Your Project! Maybe!

Helpful crochet hints

1: How to find the yarn tail to pull from the centre of the ball:

This really depends upon whether the Pixie living inside the yarn ball is in a good mood or a bad mood.  They tend to like biscuits, honey and warm milk and so if you speak to them nicely and offer them at least a nice biscuit they may offer the end of the yarn up to you.  Whatever you do, do not annoy them. Get them annoyed and you will end up with a tangled mess and may never find the end of the yarn.  Good luck!

2: How to deal with finding a mistake in your project and the need to Frog (pull the project back to before the mistake).

Frog it!

There are several different methods that I have used/employed to deal with this situation.  I guess my all-time favourite is throwing the project into the open fire.  It solves the issue of having to Frog (see what that means above).  If you really cannot do this, I do recommend you throw the item across the room and call it names for several minutes.

3: How to deal with people who want you to make them items for nothing.

Perfect item to make certain you never get asked to make anything again!

This can be a really tough one as sometimes (just sometimes) you really don’t want to annoy your friends and family as you may need them at some stage,  so saying a firm ‘no’ may  not be the best answer.  The best thing you can do is make them the item and do a really, really bad job.  Make this the worst thing you have ever crocheted.  I can guarantee they will never again ask you to make something.

4: Those you live with are getting annoyed that you are using the dining table as a blocking board.

My Fishing for Luck Shawl Blocking. Pattern available on Ravelry, Etsy and Lovecrafts

Of course, you could just go and buy some blocking boards but really that is just money you could have spent on more yarn. Yes, I do know that most of us have a huge stash that could sink the Titanic but that is another issue altogether.  I suggest visiting a thrift store and buying those little trays that you can sit on your lap, or even a stable table (those things were a fad back in the day and nearly every mother and grandmother ended up with one, so thrift stores are full of the things). Train your family/room mates to eat with their meal on their lap.  Problem solved and everyone is happy.  I think!!!

5: You made your starting chain or foundation row for your exceptionally large blanket too tight.

Dogs have super powers

Yeah sure you could Frog the whole thing but who enjoys frogging. A tried and sure-fire method to fix this issue is to give your dog one end of the blanket and encourage a game of tug of war.  Dogs really do have super powers! Keep this up till your chain or foundation row has enough give in it.  If it has not worked then your blanket is probably ripped to bits by the dog anyway, so problem solved!

6:Your child or pet will not let you crochet and is insisting upon being on your lap!

Of course you could get rid of the offender but I know this is not an option for everyone. This is however a simple fix.  Go out and buy a large playpen.  Put your crochet chair inside the playpen and leave the child or pet outside of it.  If you also leave a set of textas with the child and perhaps a full bag of doggie food with the dog. Problem solved and a bit of peace to crochet. I cannot guarantee the condition of the house after several hours of free rein with textas and dog food (note: It is also not a good idea to get these two methods confused. Unless your dog is a budding artist). Crochet time is everything!!!

Disclaimer: No crochet items, children or pets where harmed in the writing of this post. If you took this seriously, then all I can say is ‘Really!’

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