Fishing For Luck Crochet Shawl

This shawl was so much fun to make! Each time I added one of the little clovers that hang at the end, it felt like such an achievement. And they look so cute!!! Working from a Scheepjes Whirl cake is always a blast. The excitment of reaching each colour change in the yarn cake! I … Continue reading Fishing For Luck Crochet Shawl


Amanda Christening Blanket

Following on from my two triangle shawls, Clematis Shawl and Vintage Clematis Shawl (shawl pictures and links at bottom of page), and at the suggestion of one of my testers, I designed this really cute Christening blanket. The pattern is available on Ravelry (click here) and Love Crochet (click here). The blanket is named after … Continue reading Amanda Christening Blanket

Just a Little Bit Batik, Shawl, Capelet, Shrug, Wrap.

Pattern available on Ravelry (Click here for link), Etsy(Click here for link) and Love Crochet. This uses simple stitches and surface slip stitch to create an interesting textured look. Stylecraft Batik is used for best results. This is available on Love Crochet. For me the design process is a journey! Yes, I know. You are … Continue reading Just a Little Bit Batik, Shawl, Capelet, Shrug, Wrap.