Choke Me With Flowers Crochet Bandana Cowl

If you must, then please choke me with flowers! I love flowers! I love quirky names! Being in lockdown had me deciding to use up some yarn that had been in the stash for a while. The brain cogs started to turn and the idea for this Bandana Cowl was the result. 'Choke Me With … Continue reading Choke Me With Flowers Crochet Bandana Cowl


On The Wings of a Dragonfly Crochet Shawl

Combining Dragonflies and Crochet have become a bit of a thing with me! I truly love Dragonflies! I have many designs that incorporate the Dragonfly in them. My Flight of the Dragonfly Blanket was such a huge success that I decided a triangle shawl using the same motif was in order. On The Wings of … Continue reading On The Wings of a Dragonfly Crochet Shawl

Vintage Bouquet for Bethany

I originally designed this blanket for use with a slow colour change yarn. Then I decided that it could look incredible with a Vintage twist to it. Vintage Bouquet for Bethany Blanket. Made using quality Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton in Latte Colour. Vintage Bouquet for Bethany is a blanket that will stand the … Continue reading Vintage Bouquet for Bethany

Bouquet for Bethany Blanket

Sometimes a pattern design comes out better than you could have ever imagined. this is one of those times! Bouquet for Bethany Blanket uses the same concept as my Flight of the Dragonflies Blanket, but has the gorgeous stemmed flowers as a feature. It is worked in the round with the pattern being in written … Continue reading Bouquet for Bethany Blanket