Too many crochet design ideas!

My car NOT! So there I am, driving to the gym in my little 4wd bomb (note in the picture I wrote blue on it as mine is blue, mine also has a roof and if you need more detail I have a sticker on the back that says 'help zombies ate my stick family'). … Continue reading Too many crochet design ideas!


Two Redheads Crochet Pattern Give-away

This year, a designer friend and I decided to start a Facebook group which combines our love of crochet, our businesses and a whole pile of other people (including other designers) who share our interest. The Designers in our group are welcome to post their patterns on weekends, using the tag #wickedweekend. This is great … Continue reading Two Redheads Crochet Pattern Give-away

Why I Make?

Where to start? Asking the question as to why I make is a little like asking someone why they breathe! Lovecrafts Blogger Awards. Link to Lovecrafts My blog may not be the biggest or have the most followers, but it is mine!!! I always tell people that I crochet because punching people is frowned … Continue reading Why I Make?