Crochet Headwarmers

Introducing: Winter Sunset Keyhole Headwarmer and Autumn Snowdrops Keyhole Headwarmer. Left: Winter Sunset Keyhole HeadwarmerRight: Autumn Snowdrops Keyhole Headwarmer The Patterns can be found on Ravelry: Uk and US terms available. (Click Here) Winter Sunset Keyhole Headwarmer (Click Here) Autumn Snowdrops Keyhole Headwarmer And on Etsy: Click Here) Autumn Snowdrops Keyhole Headwarmer (Click Here) Winter … Continue reading Crochet Headwarmers


Why I Make?

Where to start? Asking the question as to why I make is a little like asking someone why they breathe! Lovecrafts Blogger Awards. Link to Lovecrafts My blog may not be the biggest or have the most followers, but it is mine!!! I always tell people that I crochet because punching people is frowned … Continue reading Why I Make?

Crochet… Entering Local Agricultural Shows.

If you have ever given thought to entering local events that judge crochet, but have just not been game enough to go ahead, I say re-think this, as entering show, events etc can be a positive thing. Sure I have had a few unpleasant experiences. Take the larger show that miss labelled my king size … Continue reading Crochet… Entering Local Agricultural Shows.

Amanda Christening Blanket

Following on from my two triangle shawls, Clematis Shawl and Vintage Clematis Shawl (shawl pictures and links at bottom of page), and at the suggestion of one of my testers, I designed this really cute Christening blanket. The pattern is available on Ravelry (click here) and Love Crochet (click here). The blanket is named after … Continue reading Amanda Christening Blanket

Filet Crochet. Keeping it neat!

What is Filet Crochet? Basic Filet Crochet is crochet made up of blocks, usually using two different stitches. Double Crochet (USA terms) and Chains form these blocks. They can be constructed with a Double Crochet each side of one chain. Or they can have two chains between the Double Crochets. Sneaky peak at my latest … Continue reading Filet Crochet. Keeping it neat!

Just a Little Bit Batik, Shawl, Capelet, Shrug, Wrap.

Pattern available on Ravelry (Click here for link), Etsy(Click here for link) and Love Crochet. This uses simple stitches and surface slip stitch to create an interesting textured look. Stylecraft Batik is used for best results. This is available on Love Crochet. For me the design process is a journey! Yes, I know. You are … Continue reading Just a Little Bit Batik, Shawl, Capelet, Shrug, Wrap.