Crochet It’s a Fairytale!

My kids grew up with me reading them all the old Fairytale stories. They each had their favourites. Well the older two did. The youngest took great pleasure in making me read a book about combine harvesters, tractors and potato harvesting over and over and over........................ till the very thought of potatoes made me ill. … Continue reading Crochet It’s a Fairytale!

A Cotillion for Butterflies Scarf/Wrap

A Cotillion for Butterflies Scarf/Wrap. Made Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn. You are cordially invited to the Butterfly Cotillion. Dress in your finest and come join the Butterflies. Come dance the night away! This is a whimsical scarf/wrap with three different size Butterflies competing for the best costume (wings) and the best dance moves. Large Butterflies … Continue reading A Cotillion for Butterflies Scarf/Wrap

Pixies and Leprechauns stole my Crochet Hook!

I have a habit of misplacing things! In reality I don't actually think that I misplace them; I am pretty sure that I have Leprechauns and Pixies that live in my house. Maybe I could entice the little things with a pot of gold. If only I had one. Note to self: Ask my Irish … Continue reading Pixies and Leprechauns stole my Crochet Hook!